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Patti Wolf

Glass Whiteboard Manufacturing


Silverscreen Glass Whiteboards brings together the creative flair of artist and former events manager Iain Logan with the administrative and customer service expertise of Patti Wolf, a former bookkeeper and small business owner. Together, the husband and wife team share a genuine passion for innovative design, creative ideas and an absolute commitment to customer service of the highest possible standard.

Patti and Iain believe strongly that the centerpiece of every office or boardroom – the whiteboard that captures ideas and shares a vision – deserves to be so much more than just a humble piece of neglected and rapidly deteriorating equipment. They believe it should make a statement, take centre stage and invite the expression of innovative ideas that have the potential to revolutionise, transform and inspire.

Both Patti and Iain are inspired by the fact that what begins as an idea captured on one of their glass whiteboards could have the potential to improve a business, transform an industry or even change the world. As a result, they believe each and every idea deserves to be captured on a stunning, durable blank ‘canvas’ that befits the idea itself.

Manufactured from regular or Starfire toughened glass finished with the highest grade stainless steel, Silverscreen glass whiteboards are designed to return to their original, pristine appearance after every single use. This ensures the whiteboard is ready for the capture of the next potentially world changing idea. Depending on the client’s preference, their whiteboard can be designed to blend into the surroundings of a room or make a bold statement, with colours and style limited only by the imagination. Logos, graphics and other forms of branding identity can also be incorporated into the whiteboard design resulting in a strong visual identity combined with elegant form and exceptional functionality.

Delivering complete concept to installation service, Patti and Iain are renowned for going the extra mile to ensure their client’s expectations are exceeded. They have created custom whiteboards for small, medium and large businesses representing a broad range of industry sectors, including national and multinational businesses. While diverse in their individual product and service offerings, Patti and Iain’s clients share one common trait - an appreciation that one should never have to sacrifice style and beauty for superior functionality.

Patti and Iain made the decision to join Wild Fig Service Alliance based on the high standard of the presentations delivered and the integrity, friendliness and professionalism of the group’s other members.

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